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Date : 14-09-15 16:24
Big Bang's Seungri admitted to the hospital and required a week to recover
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Opposing what YG official initially stated about Big Bang Seungri didn't acquire serious injuries from 
his car accident, Sports Chosun states otherwise.

On their article, they reported that Seungri is currently undergoing surgery because his liver is damaged from the accident. In a report broadcasted by SBS, "Seungri who has had an accident this morning is getting a surgery at the moment."

YG responds that they are confirming it but the exact state of the damage is yet to be known. 
Meanwhile, the car accident occurred at 3:34AM of 12th, when Seungri's car overturned after crashing 
into a Benz.

Source: Sports Chosun

UPDATE: YG, "Seungri minor injury from car accident; no liver surgery"

According to YG, after the result of CT scan and X-ray, they found a slight bleeding from his liver resulting 
Seungri to be diagnosed and advised to recover in the hospital for one week starting today through
 simple treatments.
 There seem to be no major injury found.
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