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Date : 14-10-27 16:29
KARA finish the first day of Japan tour successfully with Heo Youngji
 Poster : funinkorea
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On October 24th, KARA met up with a large number of fans 
on the first day of Japan tour in Fukuoka as a new line-up.

'KARA THE 3rd JAPAN TOUR 2014 ‘KARASIA' was held at 
Sun Palace with all seats filled., showing their unchanged strong popularity in Japan.
 KARA opened the stage with 'Mamma Mia', the title track of their 6th mini-album,
 and went on with 'Pretty Girl', 'Mr.', 'STEP', 'Jet Coaster Love' and 'Go Go Summer'.

Along with group performances, the members also presented their solo 
and duet stages as special gifts for fans.

Heo Young Ji, who is the new member of KARA after winning a competition in July, 
showed a perfect harmony with the rests due to her short-time preparation, 
deeply impressed many fans.

KARA members said that they were very excited to meet fans again and
 thanked them for the amazing supports. Youngji also shared her thought 
on being in KARA's tour for the first time, "I will never forget this moment,
 and I hope all of you will not forget this moment as well. 
I promise to always do my best".

Meanwhile, ‘KARASIA’ will be continued in Yokohama, 
Osaka, Nagoya, Kanazawa, and Nigata

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