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Date : 13-08-25 23:32
Press conference for CNBlue Blue Moon World Tour in Malaysia
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Press conference for CNBlue Blue Moon World Tour in Malaysia was held a day before the concert in 
Grand Hyatt Hotel. The boys had told fans that they would come back to Malaysia during the Golden 
Disc Award earlier this year and they kept their promise. Q&A session was conducted after CNBlue
 greeted the press and introduced themselves.

Q&A session:

How do you(CNBlue) feel about Malaysia so far, the weather and the food?

A: The weather is just like Korea now and we are here for our very first, our own concert in Malaysia 
so we have so much expectation that I am so looking forward to it.Have they(CNBlue) tasted the food 
yet? Min Hyuk: I would try ‘Satay’ before I leave. I have not tried it yet before this. I like all the skewered 
type of food so satay will be the number one thing I will  like to try. 

MC: Yong Hwa, you have written many tracks for CNBLUE, so where do inspiration and when does 
it happen when it comes to your song writing?

Yong Hwa: It’s not like I plan “oh this is inspiration time” or anything, it  just come naturally. It depends 
on who I meet, what type of music I listen to, so it really depends on the environment around me. So 
sometimes I get inspiration for the lyrics and sometimes I get inspiration for melody.

MC: Jong Hyun, you’re a judo goal medallist in high school, so can you take out a bad person when 
you’re in a top situation?

Jong Hyun:: Well now I have a lot of security brothers around me, so I don’t think it’s necessary for me to 
actually take action.

MC: Jung Shin, you are the youngest but also the tallest. So much so that you have also walked the 
runway as a model for some big fashion events. Will you get into disagreement with your team 
members? Will you go like “Hey, I am the tallest”?

Jung Shin: NO. (in English)

MC: You’re a really nice person
Jung Shin: Thank you~
MC: Do you have any fashion advice for your team mates?

Jung Shin: Well it’s not quite an advice but whenever we go, like the previous on in Japan, We gave 
some ideas to our stylists that I would like to wear something like this and like that.

MC: You guys are amazing; don’t you (press) think so?

Press: Yeah.
Yong Hwa: Yeah, I know.

MC: Min Hyuk, you acted in Korea’s popular drama. For you, which is your first love? Singing or 

Min Hyuk: My first choice is always the band. That is always my priority.

Q: You all start evolving around this year. How do you describe your style at the moment?

Yong Hwa: Appearance wise or fashion wise?
Press: Fashion wise

Yong Hwa: Well thanks to our stylists, they always style us nicely. But usually whatsoever we 
wear… um.. I will stop here (laughs)

Q: Both Yong Hwa and Jong Hyun are successful singer song writers, so what about the maknaes (Min 
Hyuk and Jung Shin)?

Min Hyuk: Usually I take notes on the lyrical idea that I get time to time but we are still in the learning 
process and Yong Hwa is teaching us really much but we usually edit songs together. So whenever 
we are doing work together I get to learn more. So by that time I reach their level, maybe we will have 
some songs out and written by ourselves here.

Q: What inspired the name BLUE MOON for your tour?

A: Blue moon only comes once in a while but you know sometimes there are two full moons appearing 
together so there are called Blue Moon so since it’s gonna be our very first world tour, we want our 
concert to be very special so we name it Blue Moon.

Q: In the next few days, your Japanese album would be released. Any plan to release Korean album in t
he near future?

A: We don’t write songs or make songs whenever we want to make a new album. We are always writing 
songs so when we are ready, and the right time comes then we will release an album. So every time 
constantly we are preparing for our new album. So I wouldn’t say that by this specific day we will release 
an album. We are always working on it. We hope it will release soon.

Q: How do you make sure your songs are different from other Korean boy bands, so that you are CNBLUE?

A: Well, I don’t really have a clear definition of what is CNBLUE’s color for our music, but I guess our songs 
are very catchy and easy to sing along. Also, when you just hear our music, you can just tell t’s CNBLUE’s 

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