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Date : 14-03-03 16:27
'Miss Korea' teaser
 Poster : funinkorea
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The teaser introduces its cast including Lee Yeon Hee, Lee Sun Kyun, Lee Sung Min, Song Sun Mi, 

Lee Mi Sook, Go Sung Hee, and Lee Ki Woo. Although the drama takes place in 1997, it also released 

still cuts of Oh Ji Young (Lee Yeon Hee) and Kim Hyung Jun (Lee Sun Kyun) going back in time to their 

bus date during their high school days back in 1987.

Lee Yeon Hee will play the role of Oh Ji Young, who used to be the most popular and attractive girl in 

high school but ends up working as an elevator girl later on. 'Miss Korea' will portray the Cinderella story of 

Oh Ji Young, who with the help of her co-workers in the cosmetics department store, tries out to become 

Miss Korea.


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