Date : 13-09-16 14:35
Suspicious posters for Suspicious Housekeeper
 Poster : funinkorea
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SBS’s Suspicious Housekeeper has whipped up some nice promo posters for the drama set to
premiere in another week, which I’m happy about since drama posters so often underwhelm. 
Choi Ji-woo plays the housekeeper who begins working with a family after the mother dies and
helps heal their emotional wounds, though there’s a little something strange about her mysterious persona.
I’d say the posters hit just the right note of, well, suspiciousness — Choi Ji-woo looks like someone
you ought to be wary of, but the family isn’t without its own eeriness.
We’re not quite in Addams Family territory, but I like the sterile, odd vibe that the composition evokes.
Okay, maybe Choi Ji-woo’s shots could have made the housekeeper look a littleless like a stalker/
criminal, but overall the effect works.
The tagline in the top two posters read, “I’ll do any work you request.
I am housekeeper Park Bok-nyeo.” In the bottom poster, it says, “A suspicious housekeeper has
appeared in front of this family in crisis!”
Suspicious Housekeeper premieres on Monday, September 23.


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