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Date : 14-09-04 10:24
Song Joong Ki and his family are proven innocent after being accused of fraud
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On September 3rd, Seoul Criminal District Court revealed that Song Joong Ki are
 proven innocent after being charged with false allegations of fraud from a man. 

According to the reports, Mr.Noh (36) rented a shopping mall in April,2011. 
Song Joong Ki's father later signed a contract for a use of 165 square meters for their coffee shop
 bussiness and in return Mr.Noh benefited 7% of the total sale from the shop.
 It was also clearly stated in the contract that Song Joong Ki would hold 
various events such as fan meetings and fan signs at the shop as well as 
becoming the representative for the shop by using his image. 

It was revealed that Song Joong Ki's brother invested 110 million won into the interior of 
the shop and was preparing for the opening day, suddenly Mr.Noh refused 
and prohibited it from operating. He also promised to pay the compensation for the investment funds, 
but after knowing about Song Joong Ki's value as a celebrity, 
he took advantage of the public pressure and accused Song Joong Ki's family of fraud. 

Mr.Noh has been sentenced for 10 months in jail and has to put on 2 years probation for his crime.

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