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Date : 14-05-16 11:54
1st Shop of Coffee Prince
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1st Shop of Coffee Prince

1st shop of Coffee Prince

1st shop of Coffee Prince exterior

The First Shop of Coffee Prince(2007) is probably the most well known K-drama to have been filmed 
at Hongdae. The set of the 1st shop of Coffee Prince was an actual cafe in Hongdae that had been 
remodeled as a set for the drama. Reopened after the end of the series, both the exterior and interior 
have been completely overhauled to actually recreate what was portrayed in the drama. The interior 
of the cafe is decorated by the painting by Han Yoo-Joo (played by Chae Jung-An) and a number of 
used props from the drama. Stop by for a cup of coffee and relive the memories of The First Shop of 
Coffee Prince. To get there, go out of Exit 6 of Hongik Univ. Station, and walk a few hundred meters 
until you reach a larger road (there should be a small overpass bridge). Take a left, go straight a 
couple hundred meters then take a right at the first large road. The cafe will be on the left. 

Once you've recharged with your cup of coffee, get back to the main road and continue walking 
straight for a good 5 minutes until you reach a large 3-way intersection. Cross the street, go 50 
meters then go up the uphill path. At the top is Hongdae Playground. Hongdae Playground is possibly 
the most iconic location in Hongdae - not necessarily because of dramas. It's the most commonly 
used landmark and meeting place for people visitng Hongdae. The playground is also frequently used 
as an impromptu outdoor stage for indie musicians and preformers at night. 
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