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Date : 13-04-09 19:09
[Bakery]Super Junior's Eunhyuk Family's Bakery
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*Eunhyuk’s mom’s TLJ shop was opened in the business area.. 
The shop  availability seat is quite few. 
So, better do not stay there too long or make inconvenient situation to Eunhyuk’s mom \[^ v ^]

Address: 뚜레쥬르 하이앤드 서울 구로구 디지털로26길5 B1층 지하105호(구로동)
*Address system in South Korea is from the larger to the smaller, from city then district, then the street name, and the last is the building name/number. It may confusing us who don’t familiar with Korean format.

That means Hyuk’s TLJ is located at High End building, underground 5B1 floor, No.105. Digital-ro 26-gil means the building is located at Digital 26 street (ro means large street and gil means smaller street, so Digital 26 is small street part from Digital street). Guro-dong means Guro neighborhood, and Guro-gu means Guro district.


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