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Date : 14-05-15 10:25
[notice] Myeong-dong
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We're full and we've done our sightseeing. Now it's time to do some shopping! 
Myeong-dong is one of the most popular shopping districts in Seoul. The streets of 
Myeong-dong are always packed and full of life. Every nook and cranny is filled 
with places to eat and shop. To get to Myeong-dong from Bukchon, hop on bus 
#162 or 151 at Anguk Station exit 1, then get off in front of Lotte Department Store 
(about 20 minutes). Cross the street and you're in Myeong-dong. Being centrally 
located in Seoul, Myeong-dong is the most popular, and a must-go destination for 
foreign visitors. From big-name stores like ZARA and Forever 21 to Hallyu 
paraphernalia; gourmet Korean restaurants to street foods - Myeong-dong has it all. 
It not surprising that this area has been featured in so many films and dramas 
despite being one of the busiest districts in Seoul. The famous kiss scene between 
Yun Eun-hye and Ju Ji-hun, in the hit drama Princess Hours(Goong), was filmed in 
the crowded streets of Myeong-dong. Myeong-dong Cathedral, is probably the most 
popular filming location in the area. Secret Garden(2011), You Are Beautiful(2009),
City Hall(2009), Evasive Inquiry Agency(2007) are just a few of the many dramas 
filmed here. Getting a little hungry from all the shopping and walking around? Then 
grab a bite to eat at some of the awesome food stalls.
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