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Date : 14-05-20 10:24
[notice] Seoul Metropolitan Library (former Seoul City Hall)
 Poster : funinkorea
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Seoul Metropolitan Library (former Seoul City Hall) 


Former Seoul City Hall reborn as Seoul Metropolitan Library

The former Seoul City Hall has reopened its doors to the as the city's main public library. The 
building's outer walls, main hall, and central staircase have been restored back to it's original glory 
from when it was built in 1926. 

A Journey to the Past

Built in 1926, the former City Hall building was designated as a Cultural Heritage no.52 in 2003. 
During the building's renovation into Seoul Metropolitan Library, important original interior 
features and finishes were preserved, and are now on display at the exhibition hall located on the 5th 
floor. The up down sliding window preserved here, once common in early 20th century buildings, are 
now a rare sighting. 

Just past the old window is the one of the original foundation piles which supported the building since 
it was built in 1926. Original Interior features and finishes, like steel bases, bricks, tiles, moldings, 
hinges, doors, and window frames that were preserved during the remodeling process are also on 
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