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Date : 14-05-21 10:23
[notice] Deoksugung Palace
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Deoksugung Palace


Deoksugung Palace is unique among Korean palaces in having a modern seal engraving and a western 
style garden and fountain. Medieval and modern style architecture exists together in harmony in 
Deoksugung Palace. The Changing of the Royal Guard can be seen in front of Daehanmun (Gate) and 
is a very popular event for many visitors. During the Joseon Dynasty, the royal guard was 
responsible for opening and closing the palace gate as well as patrolling around the gate area. Outside 
the palace is a picturesque road flanked by a stone wall which is much loved by visitors.

Originally, Deoksugung Palace was not a palace. The Imjin War (the Japanese invasions in 1592) left 
all the palaces in Korea severely damaged. When King Seonjo (the fourteenth king of the Joseon 
Dynasty) returned to Seoul from his evacuation, the primary palace Gyeongbokgung Palace had been 
burnt to the ground and other palaces were also heavily damaged. A temporary palace was chosen 
from among the houses of the royal family. This is the origin of Deoksugung Palace. King 
Gwanghaegun (the fifteenth king of the Joseon Dynasty) named the palace Gyeongungung, 
formalizing it as a royal palace. Since then it has been used as an auxiliary palace by many Joseon 
kings. In 1897, Emperor Gojong (the twenty-sixth king of the Joseon Dynasty) stayed here and 
expanded it. The modern buildings such as Seokjojeon (Hall) were constructed during this period. In 
1907, the palace was renamed Deoksugung.


Daehanmun (Gate)

Daehanmun (Gate) was originally called Daeanmun and was the eastern gate of the palace. The main 
gate was originally the south-facing Inwhamun (Gate). Due to the construction of new roads in front 
of Daeanmun, the east-side of the palace became the center of the city and Daeanmun took the role of 
main gate. The literal meaning of Daeanmun is “being greatly peaceful” but it was renamed 
Daehanmun after the maintenance work in 1906. The meaning of Daehan is “Seoul becomes 
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