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Date : 14-05-26 11:07
[notice] Performing Arts Centers - Seoul Namsan Gugakdang (Seoul Namsan Traditional Theater)
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Performing Arts Centers - Seoul Namsan Gugakdang (Seoul 
Namsan Traditional Theater) 


Situated in the Namsangol Hanok Village, Seoul Namsan Gugakdang, which opened in 2007, is a 
traditional Korean music venue on three levels, two of them below ground. In addition to the 330-
seat main auditorium, the venue also features a traditional music experience chamber, a practice 
room and a food court. The main performance space on the first basement level is the only music 
venue in Korea equipped with a specially-designed solid wood interior which does not absorb 
sound, allowing the audience to experience natural unamplified acoustics. The wide repertoire 
features different recitals every day from a variety of traditional music genres, and the venue also 
runs free experience programs including a traditional tea tasting event and oriental painting classes.

Audience participation Korean style

Its location in a hanok (traditional Korean house) makes Seoul Namsan Gugakdang the perfect 
venue for traditional Korean music, equally suited to both the grandeur of royal court music and to 
pansori, a genre of traditional Korean music which is performed with the participation of the 
audience. Since it opened in 2007, Seoul Namsan Gugakdang has hosted a number of traditional 
Korean events designated as Intangible Cultural Heritages, and the leading figures of traditional 
Korean music have also performed here. There is also a special program of events for newcomers 
to traditional Korean music.

Inside the performance hall

A performance of a traditional play

A gayageum performance
(traditional Korean 12-stringed instrument)

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