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Date : 14-05-29 10:30
[notice] Religious Sites - Jogyesa (Temple)
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Religious Sites - Jogyesa (Temple) 


Jogyesa (Temple) is the headquarters of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism. Jogye is the major 
sect of Korean Zen (Seon) Buddhism. Since Jogyesa is the chief temple of the largest sect of 
Korean Buddhism, it is on a grand scale. Daeungjeon (Hall) is the main hall of the temple and it has 
a statue of Sakyamuni Buddha enshrined within it. The majestic size of the main hall is often 
compared to that of the halls of the Joseon palaces. Jogyesa is located in the centre of Seoul, so it 
attracts many international visitors who want to experience Buddhist culture. The temple also hosts 
the Lotus Lantern Festival every May around Buddha's birthday and runs a Temple-life program for 
overseas visitors. While visiting Jogyesa, it is worth taking a look at Insa-dong street.

Magnificent Daeungjeon and Jinsinsari seven-story stone pagoda

Daeungjeon (Hall) is the grandest building in Jogyesa. The main hall has stairs on every side of the 
temple and it is bigger than the great Geunjeongjeon (Hall) of Gyeongbokgung (Palace). The doors 
on every wall are decorated with a beautiful flower design. With these artistic features, Daeungjeon 
is highly praised for its splendid and elaborate design.

Jinsinsari is a seven-story stone pagoda that stores a piece of Sakyamuni Buddha's sarira given by 
the Zen master Dharmapala from Sri Lanka in 1913.

Baeksong is a white pine tree which stands next to Daeungjeon. It is designated as Natural 
Monument No.9 in Korea and is 500 years old. Its country of origin is north China and only a few of 
them grow in Korea.

Daeungjeon (Hall)


Jogyesa offers a Temple-life program that introduces Korean Buddhist culture to many international 
tourists. It offers a rare chance to experience the lifestyle of a monk and is an unforgettable 
experience for all participants.


Jogyesa's Lotus Lantern Festival

The Jogyesa Lotus Lantern Festival celebrating Buddha's birthday is the most magnificent Buddhist 
festival in all of Korea. It is a spectacular tourist attraction for Koreans as well as overseas visitors 
and should not be missed if you visit Seoul during the festival period.

Insa - dong street is a short walk from Jogyesa. It has lots of art galleries and shops selling Korean 
traditional folk-craft souvenirs.



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