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To be the leading Skill-centred Training and Education Institution of Excellence in the Asia Pacific Region with worldwide recognition.

To mould individuals to be industry relevant, multi-skilled, competent, creative and innovative to achieve their educational and career goals in the ICT era, and to be well received by the global community through core values that stem from:

  • Affordable education
  • Internationally recognised programmes
  • Life-long learning
  • Knowledge advancements and new discoveries in the ICT era
  • Multi-cultural and integrated learning environment
  • Smart partnerships with other reputable institutions of higher learning, business organisations and government agencies

About Saito University College
Established in 1988 by a Japanese entrepreneur, Mr. Tetsuo Saito, the college has so far graduated more than 6000 graduates in the field of Art & Design specialising in multimedia and graphic design, interior design and business information technology.

The college is known for graduating students with well-rounded, high quality art & design knowledge and skills to meet the requirements and practices and emerging trends of the industry. All Saito students are gainfully employed upon graduation with a big number of high achievers employed by foreign companies.

The curriculum is designed with the unique element of working in the industry while studying and part of the curriculum's learning outcome is assessed by experts in the industry. The project based assessments implemented by the college allows the students to indulge in industry work from the first semester.

Students at Saito also have an added advantage of working with industry experts who act as their mentors or master trainers. This unique teaching methodology has proven effective in learning the latest trends in the industry Thus it is dubbed as "Learning at Saito is Enjoyable" because teaching and learning takes place inside and outside the classrooms using diverse teaching methodologies.


Community work is a must for all students at Saito University College. Students participate in community work in groups and through the student council. The college also has student exchange programme with Leithbridge University, Alberta, Canada which allows the students from the Canadian university to complete their final year projects at Saito and vice versa.

All students are given free classes in communication skills and interpersonal skills to prepare them in facing challenges in their endeavours upon graduation. In addition, students are encouraged to become members of professional bodies and international clubs like Toastmasters International. All these activities give Saito students an advantage over others when they enter the job market.

The college has opened up a pathway for students to complete their degrees at the shortest possible time at reputable foreign design colleges and universities (one year for a degree at University of Waikato, New Zealand; and Sunderland University and Leeds Metropolitan University through New Castle college, UK after obtaining a Saito Diploma). A Saito Diploma is also recognised for a second year degree programme at Leithbridge University, Alberta, Canada and Curtin University, Australia. These universities are recognised for their art & design specialties and offer degree courses at comparatively lower tuition fees.

Currently, the college offers the following programmes:

Diploma in Multimedia Design 2 ½ years
Diploma in Interior Design 2 ½ years
Diploma in Graphic Design 2 ½ years
Diploma in Security Management 2 ½ years
Diploma in Business Information Technology 2 ½ years
Certificate in Creative Design 1 yr 4 months
Executive Diploma in Security Management (For working adults only) 1 year

Internship is compulsory within the academic curricula. It is a pre-arranged programme for a student attachment with companies within the industry for a 3-6 month period. Students benefit greatly from these internships as they have the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in real life projects with the help of working professionals.

The teaching facilities at Saito University College consist of up-to-date MAC and PC labs, art & design studios, photography room, video editing suite and workstations. The college also provides wireless broadband internet in the library and within the college premises.

The latest course introduced by the college is the Diploma in Security Management which offers skills and knowledge on the management of physical security which is a thriving industry in developing nations. This is taught in collaboration with Safeguards Securicor Sdn. Bhd., one of the biggest security companies in Malaysia.

The college also offers an Executive Diploma in Security Management which is approved by HRDB of the Human Resource Ministry. The one-year part-time course is open to all working adults and is funded by HRDF.

Saito students participate actively in national and international level competitions. The students have won the following awards over the years.

  • United Nations Country Team Prize (UNCT/ UNAM) - 2nd prize
  • Leo Burnett and Arc World Wide Cannes Production - Winner
  • InteriCAD Interior Design Awards - Silver Award
  • Schwarzkopf Professional and the Goethe- Institute, KL - Main prizes
  • International Committee of the Red Cross - 7 awards
  • Direct Marketing Association Malaysia - Silver Award
  • Adrenaline Student Creative Awards - Best Interactive
  • PBB Hartabina Grand Lantern Making Contest - Special Awards
  • Spritzer Bottle Label Design competition - 6 Awards
  • Islamic Arts Museum Video competition - Consolation
  • Maybank Makeover Design Competition - All Awards
  • 4As Kancil Award
  • McDonalds
  • Sunway Medical Centre
  • Malaysian Star Award


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