The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC)

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The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC)

About us

The Malaysia Campus
The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus welcomed its first students in September 2000. This development is a fundamental part of Nottingham’s vision to become a truly global university.

The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC)

The Malaysia Campus is a full and integral part of The University of Nottingham, UK. It is led by senior academic staff seconded from the University of Nottingham, UK who ensure that the standard of teaching is of the same high quality as its UK campuses. This means that students receive a genuine Nottingham education from day one.

Faculty members, both at the UK and Malaysia Campus have a wide range of skills and experience. A number have worked in industry, commerce, or the public sector, before becoming academics; many are active consultants as well as researchers and teachers. Teaching programmes are also enriched by input from leading practitioners where appropriate.

Academic Strengths

The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC)

The University of Nottingham has 42,000 students at award-winning campuses in the United KingdomChina and Malaysia. It was ‘one of the first to embrace a truly international approach to higher education’, according to the Sunday Times University Guide 2013.

It is also one of the most popular universities among graduate employers, one of the world’s greenest universities, and winner of the Times Higher Education Award for ‘Outstanding Contribution to Sustainable Development’. It is ranked in the UK's Top 10 and the World's Top 75 universities by the Shanghai Jiao Tong and the QS World Rankings.

More than 90 per cent of research at The University of Nottingham is of international quality, according to the most recent Research Assessment Exercise.

The University aims to be recognised around the world for its signature contributions, especially in global food security, energy and sustainability, and health. The University won a Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education for its research into global food security.

Impact: The Nottingham Campaign, its biggest ever fundraising campaign, will deliver the University’s vision to change lives, tackle global issues and shape the future. 

The Student Experience

The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC)

At Nottingham, it is about “getting an education” rather than “getting a degree”. This is what makes Nottingham unique and gives it what it refers to as the 'Nottingham Edge' - an unrivalled combination of quality and excellence, strength and pragmatism, enabled learning, boldness and innovation, respect and tolerance.

The University aims to provide the best in UK education - innovative teaching and assessment methods. Our programmes encourage self-development, where you are encouraged to be independent, use initiative, and learn and explore new things. In effect we provide you with the tools to learn and develop your skills rather than simply training you to pass examinations and gain a degree. As a result, Nottingham graduates are equipped not only for the world of work as they leave university but also with the skills needed to go on developing in their careers in the future.

Global thinking is an integral part of life at Nottingham in a way that sets it apart from most other universities. Study abroad is incorporated into many of its courses and all students are encouraged to think internationally.

The student profile reflects Nottingham’s world-class status. On the University’s campuses, you will find people from many nationalities, cultures and educational backgrounds. In Malaysia, we currently have over 4500 students from more than 70 different countries - a stimulating diversity which adds even more to the enjoyment of student life.

Programme Outline

The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC)

Programmes at the Malaysia Campus are identical to those offered at Nottingham after which degree certificates from The University of Nottingham are awarded, irrespective of whether the course was undertaken at Nottingham or Malaysia.

The Malaysia Campus offers the opportunity for an undergraduate to spend one or both semesters of the second year of study at their respective Schools in Nottingham, paying only Malaysia Campus tuition fee (provided the same programme is also offered at the campus in Nottingham). Eligibility is subject to a minimum academic performance and availability of places.

The Malaysia Campus also allows transfer of degree studies to Nottingham, UK. Students who transfer to the UK will pay the UK International students fee. Eligibility is subject to a minimum academic performance and availability of places.

Our degrees are accredited by professional bodies such as the Association of MBA’s, British Computer Society, Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (RPSGB), and the UK Engineering Council which means that our programmes are tested for quality. Furthermore, the Malaysia Campus also has been recognised as part of the country’s higher education elite and has been granted the power to approve and accredit its own degree programmes, rather than having to apply for approval from the country’s higher education ministry. From an employer’s perspective, it is a guarantee of top talents.

Academic facilities and resources

The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC)

The Malaysia Campus offers state-of-the-art learning and teaching facilities.

The facilities include:

  1. Library
  2. Language Laboratories
  3. Computer Laboratories
  4. Science/Engineering Laboratories
  5. Lecture theatres

There is also a ‘Teaching Facility’ within the Kuala Lumpur city centre from where postgraduate programmes, including MBA, applied psychology, and education are delivered.

Student support services and student development activities
All aspects of the students’ needs have been looked into. On campus, you will find facilities such as a bookshop, café, convenience store as well as the Students' Association building where the students’ recreational needs are catered for. The University provides a number of support mechanisms to help students such as a health centre, counselling, careers advisory, etc.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

The Malaysia Campus grants scholarships to deserving and academically excellent students in recognition of their achievements. Applicants are selected based on their academic achievements, leadership qualities and the socio-economic status of their family. Scholarships are offered for all programmes offered at foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Please refer to our website at for more information.


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